The association for the promotion of optics PROMOPTICA, is bringing together the world of enterprise, the public sector and the university.

PROMOPTICA was created in August 1985.

The optical revolution

The optical revolution marks the origin of a new generation of technological tools which have strongly influenced the end of the XXth century. A great number of traditional methods are now replaced by optical techniques. The future of many companies will depend on the exploitation of these leading technologies.
Modern optics and its extension OPTOELECTRONICS (OPTRONICS or PHOTONICS) is, through its applications, the centre of capital strategic stakes in worldwide competition between advanced companies. It has developed in three directions:


The universal dimension of modern optics

The above-mentioned applications can combine to particularly performing OPTRONIC SYSTEMS. They may also be combined with other leading technologies such as microelectronics or informatics. The resulting efficiency increase can radically transform production methods in a large number of industrial sectors such as biotechnology or robotics. The technologies derived from modern optics allow nowadays a new and systematic approach for complex problems. All our industries are therefore potential users of these techniques. Belgium has very competitive university laboratories and a potentially powerful industrial structure at its disposal. However, the links between these sectors were insufficient. PROMOPTICA is filling this gap for OPTO-ELECTRONICS, a field in which our country is already very active.

Representation of Belgian optics abroad, through:

  • Membership of European Optical Society, EUROM, SPIE and many similar national societies
  • Establishing relationship with Commercial Attachés around the world and the Belgian Office of External Commerce
  • Participation to business trips and exhibitions in Europe and overseas
Comité Belge d'Optique
Société Européenne d'Optique
Institut Belge de Régulation et d'Automatisme

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